Tuition Information

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· Tuition is based on an academic year.  Please click HERE for tuition information.  Students must register each year. The total number of classes for each level and for each class during the year will vary depending on the calendar and on school vacation days. Ballet Arts Studio follows the Beacon School District holiday schedule, with occasional exceptions-- please refer to our Studio Calendar

· An Installment Payment Plan of quarterly  payments every eight or nine weeks is available for your convenience. Please remember that paying tuition in installments of every eight or nine weeks does not mean that there will be eight or nine classes at each class level during the installment period. Tuition is due on the first day of each installment period.  Ballet Arts Studio does not mail installment payment notices so we ask parents to please mark the calendar. There is a $15.00 late fee for tuition received more than ten days after the due date. 
· Make-up classes may be available--at the discretion of the Director and based upon the reason a class is missed--and must be taken within the month a class is missed.  Make-up classes are generally not available for involvement with sports teams, school plays, personal vacations, family visits, or routine childhood illnesses.  Please call or email the Studio if you would like to see if a make-up is available for a missed class.  

· Refunds, including for tuition and Concert fees, are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and are given at the discretion of the Director.

· Tuition discounts of 10% are given beyond the first child registered in a family.  The 10% discount will be given to the child taking fewer classes.

· Concert fees, master classes, private coaching, summer programs and special events are charged separately from class tuition payments.

Preparation for Ballet dancers in Studio I