We are happy to announce that we are back in the studio for private and semi-private lessons for dancers aged 7 and up!  Please CLICK HERE (or see below) for our COVID-19 Safety Procedures, which will help ensure that a safe and healthy environment can be maintained for all that enter the studio.  The health and safety of the dancers and faculty is our top priority, and therefore, it is very important that all dancers, and parents of dancers, read our Safety Procedures, and strictly follow them, when coming to the studio.

Private and semi-private lessons are available in any of the following dance disciplines:  ballet/pointe, modern, jazz, theater dance and tap.  Private lessons are $90 per hour.  An hour long semi-private is two dancers, and is $45 per dancer.  All fees are payable via PayPal. 

Private and semi-private lessons provide an excellent opportunity for our professional and experienced faculty to focus solely on your dancer and provide her or him with individualized feedback on technique and creative expression.



FIRST, if you are not registered at Ballet Arts Studio, please click the "Registration" button above, and input your registration information. You do not need to pay the $25 registration fee. Thank you.

lease let us know the particulars of the private or semi-private you are interested in, and the best days and times, and we will accommodate you.  If you are new to Ballet Arts Studio, you can email or call us with this information.  



All payments should be made through PayPal.  CLICK HERE to use PayPal.  PayPal can also be accessed from the homepage sidebar on our website.  Please note that you do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.  Pay Pal allows you to be a guest, and pay with a credit or debit card.  Usually, you will see a box underneath the PayPal bar that says "Pay with a debit or credit card", "No PayPal account needed" or something similar.  Also, please note that if our PayPal account defaults to $0, you need to change the amount before making payment.  We ask that you do not use promotions or coupons in PayPal.

All payments through PayPal must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled private lesson; otherwise the private lesson cannot occur.  Please note that if we need to refund money to you, that refund will come via a studio check, and not via PayPal.  Thank you!

Also, please access PayPal with a username that we will recognize, so that we can credit your payments.  It is important that we can connect the payment to the dancer, so if there is a possibility of confusion, please send us an email letting us know who you are, what your username is, and who your dancer is!  Thank you.




We will have a maximum of fourteen dancers in the upstairs studio, and eight dancers in the downstairs studio, during any one class.  This will allow for eight feet of space between each dancer at the barre, and eight feet of space around each dancer, in all directions, in center.


Our COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan, based on protocols developed by the New York State Department of Health, is available at the studio.  The key features of our Safety Plan are outlined below.


The procedures for entry, check in and exit below will seem daunting at first, but with everyone’s cooperation, they will quickly become part of our new routine at the studio.


1.    ALL dancers must bring and wear a mask at all times when inside the building.  If a dancer’s mask breaks or becomes unusable, we will have masks for dancers.  If a dancer is unwilling to keep a mask on while in the Studio, that dancer’s caretaker will be notified, and that dancer will need to leave the building.


2.    Each dancer will bring a dance bag for personal items, including dance shoes and water (straw style bottle--so the straw can slip under the mask--strongly preferred).  Every dancer MUST bring a cell phone or a phone number for the adult who has transported them to the Studio that day.  No food will be permitted in the building under any circumstances.


3.    The Studio MUST have a signed COVID-19 waiver either emailed to us, or hand-delivered by the dancer when the dancer enters the Studio.  Please CLICK HERE for the waiver form.  There will be no exceptions to this requirement.  Thank you.

4.    Each dancer must wear their dance clothes under their street clothes.  Dancers will NOT be permitted to use bathrooms or dressing rooms to change their clothes.  Dancers will bring everything with them into the Studio.

5.    Parents should park on Henry Street (not in front of the Studio) at least five to ten minutes before the class begins and allow dancers to walk to the front entrance of the building.  Caretakers must not pull up in front of the studio to drop off or pick up their dancer.

6.    Ms. Mary will meet your dancer at the top of the entry stairs.  All other students arriving for class should wait to enter the building at the bottom of the stairs and maintain physical distancing of six feet on the sidewalk.  Ms. Mary will then:  assess the dancer’s health with a series of questions; check temperature with a no-contact thermometer; sanitize hands; have the dancer sign in to the visitor’s log (name, date and time); make sure contact with the adult who brought the dancer to class is made; and let the dancer go into the upstairs studio with their dance bag.  The doors into the building and the studio will be open, or opened by Ms. Mary, and will not need to be touched by dancers.

7.    If your dancer has not been cleared for class, they will need to return to your car.  NO caretakers will be allowed inside the building at any time.



8.    The teacher will direct the dancer to a marked place at the barre (regardless of dance discipline), where the dancer can get ready for class and leave their street clothes and dance bag.  Shoes will be left near the entrance door to the Studio.  As noted above, these barre places are eight feet apart, as are the markings on the floor for center work.


9.    Dancers will wear dance footwear for ALL classes, including modern.  Ballet slippers, pointe shoes, jazz shoes, and, of course, tap shoes for tap classes, are all acceptable.  Socks are strongly discouraged.


10.  We have window fans in windows, pulling the air out of the studio. 
We will not have air conditioning.  Windows and doors will be open
   during class.


11.  To the extent possible, please have dancers use bathrooms at home before coming to class.  If dancers need to use the bathroom, they will be allowed downstairs one at a time and must re-sanitize their hands before returning to class.


12.  The studio waiting rooms, dressing rooms, and other common areas are closed, and currently, only the upstairs studio will be used for classes.


13.  When class is over, dancers will put their street clothes on over their dance clothes and exit the studio one at a time, directed by the teacher, then sign out of the visitor’s log (name, date and time) and leave.


14.  The barres and floor, and all regularly touched surfaces, will be appropriately wiped down before and after every class, and a cleaning log will be maintained and available to view at the studio.



Please click on the “Studio Policies" button above for information concerning the dress and behavior code for Ballet Arts Studio.