Lower School II dancers in class in Studio I

Policies of Ballet Arts Studio, the Dutchess Dance Company, and Dance Beacon

The DRESS CODE and BEHAVIOR CODE are a critical part of maintaining the educational objectives at Ballet Arts Studio, The Dutchess Dance Company, and Dance Beacon.  These traditions of classical training instill a positive work ethic and discipline.  All of the policies require very strong parental support.

Dress Code
  • Dress code for girls- BALLET:  Black leotard (spaghetti strap leotards and leotards which have any colors other than black are not permitted), pink tights, pink ballet slippers with elastic sewn on.  Solid-colored black or pink ballet skirts are permitted for dancers in combined Lower School IV/Middle School classes and above.  All other Lower School dancers, including those in combined Lower School III/IV classes, are not permitted to wear skirts.  Pink pointe shoes in pointe classes with the ribbons and elastics sewn.  Hair in a bun (see below).
  • Dress code for boys- BALLET:  Black tights, white t-shirt, white socks, white or black ballet shoes.
  • Dress code for girls- MODERN & JAZZ:  Solid color leotard (spaghetti strap leotards are not permitted), black or pink tights without feet or convertible.  Fitted black shorts are permitted (no writing, words or designs allowed on shorts).  Skirts are not permitted.  Dancers must have black jazz shoes for Jazz.  Flesh-colored "foot undies" are optional for modern.  Hair can be in a bun or in a ponytail (see below).  
  • Dress code for boys- MODERN & JAZZ:  Solid color leotard or one color t-shirt, black tights without feet, or black dance pants; footwear per instructor.
  • Dress code for girls- TAP:  Solid color leotard (spaghetti strap leotards are not permitted) and black, tan or pink tights. Fitted black shorts are permitted (no writing, words or designs allowed on shorts).  Ballet skirts are not permitted, except in Tap I.  Black tap shoes with flat tap heel.  Hair can be in a bun or in a ponytail (see below).
  • Dress code for boys- TAP: Black dance pants, one color t-shirt, tap shoes with flat tap heel.
  • Dress code for girls- THEATER DANCE:  Solid color leotard (spaghetti strap leotards are not permitted) and black, tan or pink tights.  Fitted black shorts are permitted (no writing, words or designs allowed on shorts); skirts are not permitted. Tan character shoes with low heels for Theater Dance III; black jazz shoes for Introduction to Theater Dance and Theater Dance I and II.  Hair can be in a bun or in a ponytail (see below).
  • Dress code for boys- THEATER DANCE: Black dance pants, one color t-shirt, black jazz shoes.
  • Dress code for adults-  Adult students may wear what they wish, but we ask that all adult students be mindful of the Ballet Arts' Dress Code.  
 NOTE:  No other clothing, including, but not limited to, legwarmers, sweaters, non-ballet skirts, t-shirts and cover-ups are not allowed, unless by specific instructor permission and for a specific reason.  Students must ask the instructor, prior to the beginning of class, for permission to wear any additional clothing in class.

Hair in a bun:  For all dancers Lower School III and below, hair must be in a tight, classic ballet bun at the crown of the head during classes.  For all dancers Lower School IV and above, the bun does not have to be at the crown of head during classes.  However, during all rehearsals and performances, all Ballet Arts' dancers must have their hair in a tight, classic ballet bun at the crown of the head.  Bun hair must always be completely off the face and neck, and must be pinned tightly and securely, with bangs pinned back so that hair is not in the eyes. Hair nets are very strongly recommended for all buns.  Girls with short hair must use tight barrettes to pull hair back.  We strongly discourage the use of headbands (if headbands are used, they must be solid black, with no writing or designs).   

Ponytail:  Hair must be pulled back in a high ponytail, at the crown of the head, and tightly secured.  Hair must be off the face and neck.  Bangs must be pinned so that hair is not in the eyes and is off the face.

Jewelry:  Only very small stud earrings are permitted.  No other jewelry of any kind is allowed.  Dancers wearing any other jewelry will need to remove the jewelry before class.  To avoid the possibility of losing something valuable, we suggest you do not bring these items to Ballet Arts Studio.

General Policies

Behavior Code:  Students are requested to respect the space in which the dance work takes place by only wearing dance shoes while in the studios. All students are expected to bring their dance shoes (which should only be worn indoors) with them to class and change into their dance shoes before entering the studios.

Students may bring dance related clothing and accessories into the studio.  Water in non-breakable containers is also permitted.  No other drinks, or food, are permitted in the studio.  No cell phones, iPads, touch screens, computers, or any other electronic equipment are permitted in the studio.

· Medical Concerns:  Please send us an email if your dancer has any medical or physical issues or conditions of which Ballet Arts Studio should be aware.

· Attendance at all classes and rehearsals is very important for consistent technical and artistic development.  Attendance at both classes and rehearsals is reviewed periodically by the Artistic Director, and unexcused absences may result in a change of class placement, removal from specific classes (for example, pointe classes), and inability to participate in performances, including the annual Spring Concert.

· Attendance at Spring Concert rehearsals  All rehearsals at the Spring Concert venue are MANDATORY.  If a dancer has a conflict with any of the Spring Concert rehearsals at the venue, Ballet Arts must be notified as soon as the conflict arises, and in any event no later than December 1st, if the student would like to see if he or she can still participate in the Spring Concert.  Ballet Arts has sole decision-making authority regarding whether a dancer will be excused from a Spring Concert rehearsal at the venue.  If a school prom, for a student graduating from that school, conflicts with a rehearsal at the Spring Concert venue, only seniors graduating from that school can be excused from a Spring Concert rehearsal at the venue on the night of the prom.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.

· Tardiness  Students must be on time for class.  A student should never be late by more than ten minutes, except under special circumstances.  A late student should wait quietly by the door until motioned by the instructor or staff to enter the studio, either to watch or join the class.  If a dancer is tardy for class, the instructor determines whether or not the dancer can join the class.  This is to ensure that all dancers are properly warmed up for class.  If the instructor determines that the student cannot join the class, the dancer is expected to sit quietly and watch the class.
Students should not leave classes early. In the event a student must leave class early, that student should inform Ballet Arts’ staff and the instructor before the class begins, and should leave class at the necessary time in a way that results in the least disruption to the class.

Visits to the bathroom and water breaks should be completed before or after class. At the discretion of the instructor, water in non-glass re-sealable containers are allowed in the studios. Water bottles must always be tightly closed when not being used.  Sips of water may be taken when they will result in the least disruption to the class. Food and chewing gum are never allowed in the studios.

It is customary and important for students to clap for each other and the instructor, and formally thank the instructor, at the end of each class

No smoking is allowed in or at Ballet Arts Studio.
Ballet Arts Studio practices zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use.


· Tuition is based on an academic year.  Please click HERE for tuition information.  Students must register each year. The total number of classes for each level and for each class during the year will vary depending on the calendar and on school vacation days. Ballet Arts Studio follows the Beacon School District holiday schedule, with occasional exceptions-- please refer to our Studio Calendar

· An Installment Payment Plan of quarterly  payments every eight or nine weeks is available for your convenience. Please remember that paying tuition in installments of every eight or nine weeks does not mean that there will be eight or nine classes at each class level during the installment period. Tuition is due on the first day of each installment period.  Ballet Arts Studio does not mail installment payment notices so we ask parents to please mark the calendar. There is a $15.00 late fee for tuition received more than ten days after the due date. 
· Make-up classes may be available--at the discretion of the Director and based upon the reason a class is missed--and must be taken within the month a class is missed.  Make-up classes are generally not available for involvement with sports teams, school plays, personal vacations, family visits, or routine childhood illnesses.  Please call or email the Studio if you would like to see if a make-up is available for a missed class.  

· Refunds, including for tuition and Concert fees, are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and are given at the discretion of the Director.

· Tuition discounts of 10% are given beyond the first child registered in a family.  The 10% discount will be given to the child taking fewer classes.

· Concert fees, master classes, private coaching, summer programs and special events are charged separately from class tuition payments.

Preparation for Ballet dancers in Studio I

  Trial Classes may be available to students wishing to experience new dance disciplines.  Students and parents are encouraged to view classes they may be interested in joining during our “Open Curtains” and “Showing of the Curriculum” weeks
(click here for Studio Calendar).  Students and parents may also be able to watch classes by prior arrangement.

· Private classes/coaching is available with all instructors at Ballet Arts.  These sessions must scheduled through the office.  Cancellation of a private/coaching must be made more than forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled service, or the fee is due.  Please see the Tuition Information form
(click here for Tuition Information) for the fee schedule.

  Lower School I dancers in Studio II

· Audition choreography is also available at the studio.  These sessions must be scheduled through the office.  Cancellation of a private choreography session must be made more than forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled service, or the fee is due.  Please see the Tuition Information form (click here for Tuition Information) for the fee schedule.  Please note Ballet Arts does NOT charge a separate choreographer's fee; audition choreography privates are charged at the same rate as regular privates. 

· Cancellations of any services, including privates and coaching, must be made more than forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled service, or the fee will remain due.

· Viewing Classes: Parents and guests are generally not permitted to watch classes.  Individual exceptions are made by the Director on a case-by-case basis.  All classes are available for viewing during four weeks each year:  The first week of classes; one week in the middle of November; during The Showing of the Curriculum week in the middle of December, and one week in the middle of March.  Please see the Studio Calendar for the specific dates our classes are available for viewing.

· Snow and inclement weather closings:  Decisions regarding closing are made at the last possible moment, to ensure that we do not close unnecessarily.  We make closing decisions by 3 pm on weekdays and 7:30 am on Saturdays, and we send emails to our current students email list.  We also put closing information on our website, Facebook, and local radio.  Please do NOT call the studio for closing information.

Pick-up and Drop-off: Please respect and abide by the safety procedures for drop off and pick up at Ballet Arts Studio. For the safety of all, please print and read Ballet Arts' Safety Procedures (see below) and please follow them. Please do not drop off or pick up students anywhere on Teller Avenue, or by pulling into the Staff parking area. NO EXCEPTIONS !!! Thank you.

Click here to view or download a printable version of Ballet Arts Studio's Safety Procedures for picking up and dropping off students

· Vacations and Holidays:
Beacon City School holidays and vacations are generally observed, but there are important exceptions!  Click HERE for the Studio Calendar.  The Ballet Arts Studio Vacation and Holiday Schedule is also available at the office.

· Office hours:
Ballet Arts Studio faculty and staff are available by appointment through the office. Please feel free to contact the Director via email at info@BalletArtsStudio.com, or by phone at 845.831.1870 if you would like to schedule an appointment. 


Dress Code

Lower School I dancers in Studio II